Glo-Leak® 250ml UV Bottle for R1234yf/R134a/Hybrid

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250ml Glo-Leak® UV Bottle – 55 Dose – for R1234yf/R134a systems and Hybrid vehicles.

Glo-Leak UV Test Fluids are engineered with one or more fluorophors in solution with compatible base fluids to give fluorescent potential to lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids and ACR refrigerants. A UVA (or UV-Blue) light source, directed at suspected leakage points, converts that fluorescent potential into a bright yellow or yellow-green fluorescent glow. So the leak shouts: “Here I am!”

Glo-Leak UV Test Fluids for A/C offer a unique combination of ingredients, give the brightest fluoresce with all common refrigerants, with any A/C lubricant, and using any reasonably good UVA or UV+Blue tracer lamp.